Monster Games

Join the monster world in our free games! Dress up a vampire girl for school, look after a monster pet, be a devilishly good hair stylist or hunt down wicked creatures. There’s a monster game for everyone!


Here at MyGames4Girls we are hooked on all things monster! We just love our monsters. Come find your inner monster girl with our free games. There are all kinds of monsters around here! Some are spooky and evil, but others are busy thinking of fashion and high school parties…Did you know that some monster girls are real make up experts? Try our monster dress up games and become a fashion designer for your favourite spooky celebrity: vampires, werewolves, zombies, mummies…Or perhaps you’d rather have your own monster pet? They are terribly cute beasts! Read more

Choose your monster adventure: chase ghosts with Scooby Doo, solve freaky puzzles, and look after an adorable baby monster. Don’t forget to cook some monster food too! You see, monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not just for Halloween! Don’t be scared, come play with these friendly, creepy and cute monsters. Are you in on the monster craze?