Lee's favourite Games

You’ll find all of Lee’s favorites, from science games to make up and makeover games, right here!


Hello! It’s Lee again. I’ve tried to collect all the best games (in my opinion) from the site. It was so hard! I love crazy experimental makeover games with make up shades in every color of the rainbow, but I’m always finding new art and science games to play too! I love coloring in and I’m always up for a logic puzzle challenge for my brain! Read more

I’ve got a whole range for you here; you can design an iPhone cover, play with origami, makeover Elsa and Barbie and solve Math puzzles - phew! You definitely won’t be bored with these games! It’s been tough, but I think I’ve got all the best games here. I don’t think I’ll ever need to visit another page on the site now that I have all my favorites in one place! Enjoy!