Big Hero 6 Games

Defend San Fransokyo and hang out with Hiro and Baymax in Big Hero 6 games!


These Big Hero 6 games will let you relive the Disney movie, Big Hero 6! Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie follows Hiro Hamada who is a master of robotics in his hometown of San Fransokyo. Hiro’s used to battling tiny bots for cash, but when things start going wrong in San Fransokyo Hiro must take on an even bigger foe! But Hiro’s not alone; with his brother’s robot, Baymax, and his friends from school, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred - otherwise known as the Big Hero 6 superhero team - they master their special powers to defeat the mysterious evil in San Fransokyo! Read more

If you haven’t seen the movie already, we bet you’ll love Baymax just as much as we do! Baymax was intended to be a robotic healthcare assistant , but Hiro builds him armour and turns him into a crime fighting superhero! After you’ve played these Big Hero 6 games, remember to say ’I am satisfied with my care’ to shut down Baymax!