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The Twilight saga series of films in our Twilight games started in 2008 staring Robert
Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. The films follow the characters Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, who are both vampires and and Jacob Black who is a werewolf. The first film was called Twilight, the second one was called Twilight New Moon, and soon there will be a third film in the saga, called The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. There is also a fourth part called Breaking Dawn, and we’ll have those Twilight games too! Read more

There are lots of great things to do for girls, around Twilight - books, movies, clothes, music and lots more, but one of the best is online Twilight games. There are lots of really good free Twilight games on the internet - you can dress up Robert Pattinson, or play kissing games with Taylor Lautner. You’ll always be able to find all of the best Twilight games for girls right here. Try out Twilight dress up games, make up games, kissing games and other Twilight games for girls too. Make sure that you know all the latest gossip about the Twilight saga and whats going on with Rpatz, Kristen and Taylor by checking out all the games in our Twilight games section.