Lilou's favourite Games

Lilou has collected awesome cooking games and even a selection of mobile games for all the tech-savvy girl gamers!


Hi girls, Lilou here! Myself, Lea and Lee decided to collect our favorite games so that all the girls playing games on MyGames4Girls can get to know us better! I’m mad about cooking, so you’ll find all my favorite realistic cooking and baking games here. You’ll learn loads of recipes playing these games, from Nutella cupcakes to Thanksgiving turkey! My second passion is technology (I’m typing this on my tablet!) so coding games and all things computing and tech are right here! Read more

You can find out more about us from our profile page. Discover which character you are most like and decide whose games to play! Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know who your favorite is (me, obviously!). Have fun playing these girls’ games!