Sara’s Cooking Class Games

All Sara’s Cooking Class games, ready to teach you amazing culinary skills!


Everyone loves Sara’s Cooking Class games, as they teach you how to cook amazing and delicious recipes without any mess or even having to buy a single ingredient! Here you can learn how to bake with Sara, cook a roast dinner, make ice cream, blend smoothies and much much more! With these cooking games you’ll be able to wow your friends in no time with your cooking expertise! Read more

Sara guides you through every step of the recipe in her cooking class games, from buying the ingredients to chopping, mixing and blending to cooking, baking and serving the delicious treats you’ve made. From parfait to cheesecake, burgers to bread and with tons of themed foods like Valentine’s cookies and spooky Halloween cupcakes, there’s no recipe to challenging to learn with Sara’s Cooking Class games!