Chocolate Games

Get a taste of chocolate in all in its forms with these 100% cocoa cooking games.


Powdered, melted, in bars, as a mousse, milk, dark, white... there are a hundred and one ways to prepare and enjoy chocolate! Did you know that the Mayans were the first people to grow cocoa beans, more than three thousand years ago? Bet they never imagined that their product would end up being used as a baking ingredient and scoffed by people all over the world! Thanks to the cooking and cake games on you can now try and taste the richest chocolate recipes around, all without gaining a pound! Read more

In our girls’ games you’ll get to make or bake cookies, cakes, ice creams, chocolate tarts, candies, truffles and other treats in just a few clicks, all with the help of our professional chocolatiers. You can even try running a factory or managing a chocolate shop! If you’re a true chocoholic just like us, make sure you check out this category for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Easter - you’ll find loads of ideas to help you decorate your Easter eggs or chocolate Santas here. Treat yourself to a few of these delicious girls’ games, and leave us a comment to tell us which ones send you cocoa loco. Have fun!