Info for parents about our site, our safety practices and our ethos

Information for parents who want their children to stay safe and secure online, and understand our mission to inspire young girls.


Dear Grown-ups,

Welcome to our site, where girls all around the world love to play, learn and read on!

There’s a lot more to our site than just games; we encourage young visitors to the site to engage with our three characters, Lea, Lilou and Lee, three teen girls with diverse tastes and ambitions.

Girls can also read our inspiring Modern Muse or Fab Futures blog articles, which feature fascinating careers and inspiring women from around the world to empower young girls and encourage them to aim high and dream big.

At the heart of it all, we want to give girls the chance to try their hand at anything and everything they want.

From fashion designing to racing cars, from baseball to cooking and so much more. They can even create their own doll and look after her every day on our HiDolls feature.

All the games we publish are hand-picked by our team of professionals to make sure that our users are always enjoying themselves safely and securely. This method also ensures our games are great quality, with no ‘spam’ or inappropriate content.

All our forums are also moderated regularly by our team, and any instances of abuse or inappropriate content is taken extremely seriously.

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The MyGames4Girls Team

Our Aims and Ethos

Our site is dedicated to inspiring youngsters. We want to use our reach and popularity to educate, inform and encourage young girls using our site to discover things they’ve never come across before and gain an insight into aspects of life they may never have considered.

Our basic aims are as follows:

  • empowering girls about what they can achieve with their lives
  • ensuring girls don’t feel they are limited because of their gender in the jobs they pursue/interests they have
  • highlighting women of all ages who have done/are doing incredible things, and encouraging our users to believe they can achieve similar things
  • inspiring girls about all the varieties of jobs that are available to them
  • educating girls with carefully selected, high quality games whilst offering them a great fun website that’s safe, too.

We regularly feature a person, usually female, that we call a ‘Modern Muse’. We highlight this person’s story, be it overcoming odds that were stacked against them, achieving something amazing or demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit.

We explain what the Muse has achieved, breaking it down with fairytales and silly facts to make it really engaging for kids, and convey the empowering message that our users can achieve what these women have achieved.

We also felt it was time for kids to understand the breadth of jobs and careers available to them when they’re older. It’s often easy to think there are only a handful of professions that you know about when you’re young (doctor, teacher, fireman, astronaut, ballerina).

Our mission was to show kids that there are so many unbelievably cool jobs out there for them to get inspired by; from journalists to cosmetic scientists and interpreters to engineers, we show our users the wealth of amazing and exciting careers there are out there, as well as adding depth and detail to what they already know about certain professions, for example nursing.

We want children and tweens to broaden their horizons, dream big and achieve their aspirations.