Nicki Minaj Games

The most fabulous girl on the rap scene is waiting for you! Come and meet her in these Nicki Minaj games!


Do you love rapper girls and other quirky singers? Then you must be a fan of Nicki Minaj! This American singer has shaken the music world with each of her songs. Nicki is known all over the globe for her over-the-top fashion sense, colorful make up and crazy beats! Every performance or public appearance is a real show with Nicki: 20cm heels, platinum blonde hair with pink streaks, dresses made from candy and much more…it’s no wonder the paparazzi love her! In this crazy selection of games, you too can follow Nicki to her sell-out shows and even become her official stylist! Whether she’s dressed as a princess in ‘Moment 4 Life’ with Drake or alongside Madonna in ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’’, Nicki always manages to find truly outlandish outfits that leave both the press and fans all over the world open-mouthed with shock. Do you think you can compete with this rapper girl’s crazy sense of style?