Barack Obama Games

We love Barack Obama so much that we’ve got some super fun, free presidential games for you to play.


Are you feeling patriotic ladies? We’re big fans of Barack Obama here at MyGames4Girls, and so we decided to share a great selection of Barack Obama games for you girls to enjoy! That’s right, you can dress up the President! Well, he has to wear clothes too doesn’t he!? There are many responsibilities that come with being the President of the United States, and one of them is looking smart and fashion-forward. Nobody wants to see a scruffy president. Read more

It doesn’t stop there though. Apart from Barack Obama dress up games, you’ll find some cooking games and even a fishing game! It’s one of Barack’s favourite hobbies. We think. What do you think President Obama really gets up to in his spare time? We’re almost certain he loves dressing up in different outfits, baking cakes and going fishing. Let your imagination run wild with these free Barack Obama games for girls, and don’t forget about his wife, Michelle Obama. She needs some fashion advice too! What a Presidential selection.