Miley Cyrus Games

Get to know teen idol Miley Cyrus a little better with these girls’ games!


Miley Cyrus is a true teen idol. This American singer and actress has millions of fans, and girls all over the world just love her! Miley shot to fame playing Hannah Montana in the popular Disney Channel series, but she quickly proved that her talents weren’t limited to acting. Singing, dancing, even writing and designing… there’s nothing that Miley Cyrus can’t turn her hand to, and she does it all with such style! Read more

If you’re a fan of this talented actress and singer, you’re in luck: we have a ton of Miley Cyrus games for you to enjoy right here so you can get to know the star a little better. With these girls’ games you can change Miley’s hairstyle or makeup before she appears on TV, or even find her a special little something to wear on the red carpet in a Miley Cyrus dress up game. You can be a star too thanks to these girls’ games! Have fun, and make sure you check out the rest of the star games on the site for more fun with your favorite celebrities.