Selena Gomez Games

Dress up or makeover Selena Gomez any way you like in these girls’ games!


She’s an actress, singer, musician, producer and now a fashion designer… it seems there’s nothing Selena Gomez can’t do! In just a few years, this gorgeous American girl has become a huge star all over the world, famous for her catchy pop hits and her sense of style. Whether it’s at a movie premiere, on the red carpet or alongside other celebrities such as Justin Bieber in star games, Selena is always dressed in the very best and most fashionable clothing. If you fancy taking inspiration from Selena Gomez’s look, you can take a peek in her wardrobe with tons of exciting dress up games right here! Read more

When did you first hear about Selena Gomez? Did you see her play the talented Alex Russo in ‘Wizards of Waverley Place’, or maybe you first heard her collaborate with the group the Scene on songs like ‘Kiss and Tell’ and ‘A Year Without Rain’? If you’re a true fan of this gorgeous actress and follow her every move, you’ll love the Selena Gomez games in this section! There are tons of great star games for you to try, so don’t waste another minute: come and play with Selena and become her makeup artist, stylist, or even try singing along with her hits at one of her concerts!