Lady Gaga Games

Are you gaga for Lady Gaga?! Help this fabulous popstar find some crazy new looks in our Lady Gaga games!


Are you gaga for Lady Gaga?! Since she burst onto the pop scene with ‘Let’s Dance’ back in 2008, Lady Gaga has gotten bigger, better, and crazier. This adventurous and fabulous girl is loved all over the world for her infectious pop tunes, her ambitious music videos, her eccentric behaviour and her outlandish sense of style. Her fans, known as her Little Monsters, are the most dedicated around, traveling miles and miles to see their favorite singer perform. But don’t worry if you haven’t managed to catch Lady Gaga in concert yet – you can hang out with her right here in our Lady Gaga games! Read more

If you love Lady Gaga, you’ll know that her fashion sense is wacky to say the least! In the past this flamboyant popstar has worn a hat shaped like a telephone and dresses made from Kermit the Frog dolls, bubbles and meat, so who knows what you might find her wearing in our Lady Gaga dress up games?! One thing’s for sure, she’s not afraid to experiment with fashion, and you shouldn’t be either! Go crazy in these Lady Gaga games for girls: you can give her a brand-new look in makeover games, find insane outfits for her in fashion games, and much more. We know you’ll love the Lady Gaga games in our star games section – have fun, Little Monsters!