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Tall, dark and handsome with a lovely English accent… Robert Pattinson is pretty much our dream boy! As you no doubt know, this British actor became world-famous after playing the gorgeous vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, but have you seen any other Robert Pattinson movies? Before he shot to fame alongside Kristen Stewart in Twilight, Robert played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films and later went on to star in Remember Me, Water for Elephants and a whole host of other great films. If you’re as crazy about this gorgeous actor as we are, you’ll love these star games! Read more

Have you ever daydreamt about bumping into Robert Pattinson at the mall or at a party? Thanks to our Robert Pattinson games, you can hang out with your favorite actor whenever you like! You could be styling Robert before he hits the red carpet in a celebrity dress up game, giving him a makeover before he steps in front of the camera, or maybe even playing a kiss game with him if you’re really lucky! We have tons of Robert Pattinson games featuring this handsome actor, so don’t be shy, play as many as you like! Check out the stars games on the site for lots of fun with your favorite actors and celebrities – no need for a VIP pass here!