Rapunzel Games

Don’t get Tangled up in these Rapunzel games!


These online Rapunzel games will take you into a whole new world, all based around Disney’s Tangled movie! Join Flynn Ryder (a.k.a. Eugene Fitzherbert), soon-to-be Princess Rapunzel and watch out for the wicked Gothel, who wants to keep Rapunzel and her beautiful hair locked away in a tower! But Rapunzel discovers she is the lost princess and with the help of Flynn (and Maximus, of course!) Rapunzel gets her happy ending! Read more

These Rapunzel games offer a whole lot of Tangled fun! From Rapunzel hair games to Rapunzel and Flynn kissing games, you’re always going to find games to play that you’ll love! If you ’have a dream’ and that dream is to play Tangled games with Princess Rapunzel, that dream can come true right here! Just like Rapunzel, you’ll be shouting ’THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!’...