Glee Games

Can’t get enough of Glee? Get singing and dancing with Rachel, Finn, Kurt and the rest of the McKinley High gang in these Glee games!


Glee, then! This hit TV series follows the story of a high school Glee club as they make their way to the Show Choir National Championships in New York City. These super-talented boys and girls are set for stardom and never give up on their dreams, even when nasty bullies throw Slushees in their faces! If you’re as crazy about the kids from McKinley High as we are, you’ll love hanging out with Rachel, Finn and the gang in these Glee games. Read more

In these free star games you might have to give Rachel (played by Lea Michele) a makeover before she makes her Broadway debut; dress up Chris Colfer’s character Kurt for a party or an audition; or you might even get to play a kiss game with Finn Hudson, played by the gorgeous Cory Monteith! Whether it’s in the TV series or in our girls’ games, you never know what the all-singing, all-dancing boys and girls from Lima, Ohio might get up to next. Have fun with these Glee games, and keep browsing our star games for more surprises. You’ll find all your favorite characters from the Glee Club in these girls’ games: Quinn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Puck, Tina, Artie, Blaine… maybe even Sue Sylvester!