Alice in Wonderland Games

Come on an adventure to Wonderland to play some free games with Alice!


Surely you’ve heard of Alice in Wonderland...the main character from the mystical Lewis Carroll books and the old Disney movie? Alice is a girl just like you. One summer’s day she took her head out of her book to see a little white rabbit running in the distance. Curiouser and curiouser... She followed him to his burrow, which was actually the entrance to a magical place known as Wonderland! Read more

In the story, Alice discovers a totally different world to the one we live in. In Wonderland, the animals talk and drink tea, there are potions that can make you change size and the evil Queen of Hearts has a whole entourage of house of cards soldiers! If you ever wanted to live an adventure yourself, explore the wonderful selection of Alice in Wonderland games we have here on the site. You can dress Alice up, or maybe try and figure out a Wonderland puzzle. Look out for the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat though, they’ll try and confuse you with strange words while you play these free games. Now, to Wonderland!