Snow White Games

If you love princesses, fairytales and Disney, you’ll love these free Snow White games!


Who is your favorite Disney princess? We know, we know, it’s impossible to decide. However, the first Disney Princess to come along was the beautiful Snow White, with her adorable friends the seven dwarfs. It’s a film classic! The film can be a little scary in parts, but one thing’s for sure...Snow White is beautiful, in fact, you could say that she’s the fairest of them all! This pretty princess lives in the forest and is always surrounded by birds, butterflies, foxes and all the other forest animals who adore what a sweet, caring person she is. And there there are the dwarfs who work hard digging in the mines. They are dear friends of Snow White, and want to help her find her Prince Charming. Shall we help her too? Read more

In these free Snow White games, you can dress up, colour or make up this fairytale princess. Remember, she really is the fairest of them all, so you need to make sure she stays that way! The Magic Mirror will give your work the final verdict in these celebrity games. High-ho! Do you hear that? It’s the dwarfs calling out to you to come and’s off to work we go!