Cake Games

Cheese cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes… there are dozens of tasty treats in these girls’ games!


Let them eat cake! If you’re a sweet-toothed girl, our cake games are sure to make your mouth water. You can bake and decorate all sorts of beautiful cakes in these girls’ games: chocolate cake, carrot cake, ice cream cake, coffee cake, birthday cakes, wedding cakes… there are dozens of delicious desserts and impeccable pastries for you to try here! Read more

Fancy yourself as a real baker or cake maker? You’ll soon be a perfect pastry chef thanks to these free cake games: you can try baking cakes, decorating cupcakes, making cheesecake, flipping pancakes… You might even get to work in a cake shop, baking the perfect wedding cake or birthday cake for your customers, or decorating cupcakes and cookies with frosting, chocolate, candies and fruit. Want to try baking pies, cookies or other sweet treats? Check out all the secret recipes in our cooking games section! Yum!