Cupcake Games

Sink your teeth into these sweet and pretty cupcake games for girls. You can never have too much choice when it comes to sugary snacks!


Girls, don’t you just love cupcakes? They’re sweet, pretty and absolutely delicious...what’s not to love? There’s a great variety of cupcake games here for you to explore. Whether you want to know how to make cupcakes from scratch, work in a cupcake store or create some beautiful decorations, we have it all! What is your favorite flavor of cupcake? Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, lemon? It’s so hard to choose, but the more you play these free cupcake games, the more cupcake knowledge you’ll get! Read more

Do you think you’d like to work in a bakery one day? You can be the perfect little baker by learning cupcake recipes. You’ll learn how to mix the cupcake batter, how to make the frosting and how to decorate the cupcakes just right. We think cupcakes are the prettiest food around, they come in so many different colors! Pink, blue, yellow, purple...the choices are endless! These sweet snacks are the perfect food for girls, which girl doesn’t love sugar!? Our great selection of cupcake games are the icing on the cake...come take a bite!