Card Games

Solitaire, fighting, tarot, malice, pairs, jacks, queens, kings, aces, Lonely battle, tarot…these card games and more are featured on this page!


If it’s raining outside or you’re stuck for something to do when you’re relaxing on holiday, there’s always time for a classic card game. These games are timeless, and whether you’re 7 or 77, you’re bound to enjoy more than one of them. There are plenty of games to learn for both beginners and aces, so let us put our cards on the table and teach you some tricks! Read more

If tricks and competition aren’t really your bag, never fear. You mustn’t forget the mysterious tarot cards…do you dare to discover the future for your friends and family? The skills you will learn here will certainly amaze those close to you, just don’t reveal any of your secrets!

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