The Garden of Dora the Explorer

Help Dora to make her garden into the most beautiful garden in town!

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Help Dora to make her garden into the most beautiful garden in town!

Once again, Dora is doing some of her famous exploring, so heres your chance to join her! In this game for girls, Dora is in her magic garden.

It’s the start of spring and it’s up to you to help Dora plant all the seeds in her garden, to grow lots of beautiful flowers! Make sure you sound is turned on for this game because Dora will tell you exactly what to do.

Choose seeds from the great big seed book and plant them in the pot you want. Then you’ll need to water your plants, and add magic growing powder. Keep doing this until the flowers are open.

When you’re finished, just click the "DONE" button and you can even print off your beautiful flower picture by clicking on the picture of a camera! You can play the game as many times as you want to grow lots of different kinds of flowers. Maybe then you can go and grow some real flowers to make your garden or your window sill look lovely and colourful!

If you like Dora, we have lots of other Dora the Explorer games on so make sure you have a good look around!

The Garden of Dora the Explorer

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The Garden of Dora the Explorer comments from girls:

kriti1may kriti1may 10.04.2011 à 13:58
Samridhi Samridhi 02.04.2011 à 7:49
this game is sweet

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