Sleeping Beauty’s Kiss Game

Wake a beautiful princess from her sleep with true love’s first kiss!

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How to play the game "Sleeping Beauty’s Kiss Game"?

Do you know the story of Sleeping Beauty? It’s a french fairytale of a sleeping princess who can only be awoken by true love’s kiss. There is a Disney movie that tells the story too, have you seen it? In this kissing game, you will meet Aurora Rose, the sleeping beauty. She is in a deep slumber in the royal chamber. The wicked fairy godmother, Maleficent, put a curse upon the princess when she was born and wants her to sleep forever so that she will never have any power over the kingdom. That’s not very nice! Do you remember how we said she could be woken up? Read more

True love’s kiss has arrived in the form of the handsome Prince Phillip, hurrah! He is the only one who can bring the beautiful Disney princess back to life. He needs your help though! Phillip needs to kiss the sleeping beauty without being caught by Maleficent and her spies. Watch out for the sneaky black cat, Diablo the raven and Maleficent herself (look in the mirror)! Click the Disney couple to make them kiss, just don’t let anyone see you! Make it through all the levels in this Disney kissing game and Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip can live happily ever after! Good luck in this romantic quest!