Justin Bieber Hairstyles Game

Justin Bieber needs a haircut; try being a celebrity hairdresser and give him a brand new look!

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How to play the game "Justin Bieber Hairstyles Game"?

What’s your favorite thing about Justin Bieber? Is it his catchy pop songs, his lovely dark eyes, or maybe that floppy brown hair?! In this today’s girls’ games, Justin Bieber is getting ready to do a photoshoot for the cover of a popular girly magazine, and he really needs a haircut. It’s been weeks since he last had it done, and now he wants a brand new hairstyle that will wow his adoring fans. Can you help him out in this Justin Bieber game for girls? Make sure he looks more gorgeous than ever before he gets in front of the cameras! Read more

If you love hair games or are even thinking of becoming a hairdresser when you’re older, you’ll love this free Justin Bieber game! Start by combing Justin’s hair, then cut it with scissors, blow-dry it and dye it any way you like. You can even shave it all off, grow it really long, or dye it orange, red, pink or loads of other colors! It’s totally up to you how you cut and style Justin Bieber’s hair in this star game for girls, so have fun trying out tons of crazy new looks and colors for the Canadian superstar. Have fun with this celebrity hair game, and remember to leave us a comment to tell us what you think of this Justin Bieber’s new hairstyle!



Justin Bieber Hairstyles is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave celebrity games!