Maze Games

Get lost in labyrinths with these challenging puzzle games!


Labyrinths and mazes date back thousands of years, when the Greeks and Celts designed them as patterns or decorations. Nowadays, boys and girls all over the world love working their way out of mazes in girls’ games like Pacman or Robot Rescue. Want to put your logic, skills and speed to the test? Try and escape the labyrinths before the time runs out in these maze games for girls! Read more

If you’re a smart girl who loves challenging puzzles and brainteasers, you’ll have no problem solving these free maze games. Use your logic and try to guide yourself through the maze as quickly as you can, but watch out: you might have monsters or other enemies on your heels, just like in Pacman! You can have tons of fun getting lost in labyrinths with these maze games – don’t forget to check out our other girls’ games once you escape!