Difference Games

Some spot the difference games for girls who like a challenge.


Spot the difference games are a fun way of testing yourself and if you like puzzle games or difference games then you’ll definitely enjoy these. In all spot the free girls games like free difference games you have two pictures which are identical except for a few differences. Sometimes these differences are easy to find, but sometimes they can be very difficult to find. Your job is to click on the differences that you can see, until you have found all of them. Normally you’ll be able to see some differences straight away, but then you’ll have to concentrate very hard on every tiny detail to find some. Read more

In some difference games you will have a timer, so you have to find all the differences before your time runs out. In other find the difference games or spot the difference games you have a ’hint’ button that you can click if you are stuck, to help you, and some girls difference games have only a few levels, while others have lots and lots! Spot the difference games for girls can be great fun to play with a friend, so you can race to see who can find the differences first.