Cool Spot the Difference Games

Tackle 6 puzzles set in an art gallery with this challenging girls’ game.

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How to play the game "Cool Spot the Difference Games"?

If you’re a cultured sort of girl who loves painting, drawing and art games, we have just the puzzle game for you! Danny the Duck is hoping to get into art school and become a famous artist when he’s older, so his family have taken him to the Quackson Pollock Art Gallery to see some new exhibitions. In this girls’ game you’ll have to tackle puzzles based on photos Danny painting at home and admiring the works of art in the museum. There are a total of 6 puzzles for you to solve, so get ready to give you brain a good workout! Read more

There are two different types of puzzles for you to solve in this girls’ game. The first are Spot the Difference games, where you’ll have to compare two pictures and find the small changes between them. You’ll also have to solve jigsaw puzzles and unscramble photos of Danny at the art gallery; try to complete them as quickly as you can to earn more points. Have fun with all the great puzzles in this girls’ game - leave us a comment to tell us your high score!



Cool Spot the Difference Games is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave puzzle games!