Hidden object Games

Keep your eyes peeled and track down dozens of hidden objects, numbers and letters in these puzzle games!


“Where did I leave my favorite sweater?” “I’ve lost another pink sock! Maybe the cat stole it…” Do you find that things around you are always going missing? Do your clothes or toys sometimes disappear for a few weeks before turning up in the most unlikely places? Well, we’ve got just the thing to help you out: hidden object games! With these great puzzle games you can sharpen your sight until you’re the most eagle-eyed girl around. There are hundreds of hidden objects waiting to be found and returned to their rightful owner in these girls’ games, so grab your magnifying glass and keep your eyes peeled! Read more

Any detective will tell you that if you want to sharpen your sight and perfect your observation skills, you need to practise. In these free puzzle games you’ll be given lists of missing items and asked to suss out their hiding places. Clothes, ornaments, decorations, not to mention hidden numbers and letters… there are dozens of different hidden objects for you to hunt here! But as usual, things are more complicated than they seem in these girls’ games; not only do you have to find the hidden objects, you also need to race against the clock and locate them all before the time runs out! Think you’re ready to be a real detective and track down letters, numbers and dozens of other items in these hidden object games? Have fun, and keep your eyes opened for loads more surprises hidden around the site!