Logic Games

Put your gray matter to the test with these logic games! You can tackle riddles, puzzles and tons of other challenges. Prove that there’s no problem you can’t solve!


It’s time to get the ol’ gray matter working with the girls’ games in this section! Do you think you’re ready to solve puzzles, crack riddles and tackle brain teasers until your head hurts? Trust us, the time will fly by with all these logic games! If you’re a math whizz or if you love playing with numbers, you’ll love all the different Sudoku games available on the site. If you prefer puzzle games or memory games, you’ll find dozens of hidden numbers games, card games and much more right here. Bet you’ll be up for hours playing with these challenging puzzles! Keep your eyes peeled, because you might find surprises or even some of your favorite stars hidden in a few… Read more

Patience and concentration are the keys in these free logic games – but don’t get too relaxed! In some girls’ games you can take your time to solve the puzzles, but in others you’ll have to race against the clock to finish them on time. For example, some spot the difference games or breakout-style games will put you under pressure and force you to work on your speed and reflexes, as they have to be completed before the timer runs out. Don’t waste another minute: come and challenge your friends with all these games, and don’t forget that you can always ask for help or tips from the other girls on the site if you get stuck. So, do you think you can beat the high scores in these puzzle games? Let’s get your brain cells moving and let’s see how many answers you can find!