Marsupilami Game

Protect the Marsupilami babies from all the insects in the forest.

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How to play the game "Marsupilami Game"?

Have you ever come across mommy and daddy Marsupilami in other girls’ games or maybe on TV? They’ve just gone for a wander around the forest and won’t be home until nightfall, leaving their babies alone for the evening. The forest and the jungle are scary places: there are insects in every nook and cranny and predators lurking around every corner! In this girls’ game, it’s time for you to be like Noah and protect these adorable baby Marsupilami while their parents are away. Earthworms, flies, spiders and lots of other creepy crawlies will try to bite these three cute cartoon characters, so be prepared to swat them away! Read more

You’ll need to be quick if you want to protect the Marsupilami in this free animal game, but luckily you’ll find everything you need to complete your mission right here. Use the bamboo stick to hit the worms over the head and the bunch of sticks to chase away the spiders. You’ll need to be really quick if you want to reach the secret bonus levels of this surprise game and keep the baby Marsupilamis from harm! Good luck!