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Make hamburgers in this free girls game !

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Make hamburgers in this free girls game !

All cooking games that are on are free games for girls. And this girls hamburger game is a good example. All for free, you’ll be able to participate in this game for girls as many times as you like. And just like in other cooking games like it, you’ll have to cook a good burger by selecting the best ingredients.

For each step, you will have a choice of ingredients to cook the perfect hamburger. A bit like if you worked in fast food restaurant for real! For this type of work, you need to be fast and above all, to please your customers. Besides looking great, a hamburger must be delicious! You may discover through free girls games that you’re made ​​to work in catering. But to get there, you’ll first need to prepare burgers in this game for girls!

Girls free games

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Girls free games comments from girls:

m_waterfall m_waterfall 22.09.2011 à 0:17
this game made me hungry im bout to go to mc donalds....... yummmm
landisweet10 landisweet10 19.07.2011 à 22:34
this wa boring
Rimi16 Rimi16 15.07.2011 à 19:47
had to run to the kitchen after playing it
HoneyEbbrell HoneyEbbrell 15.07.2011 à 18:38
It Makes Me Very Hungry
chicks43 chicks43 13.07.2011 à 23:54
this is so good make me wont to eat lol
hotjoy hotjoy 10.07.2011 à 22:20
wooooooooow this game is making me hungry
Smiley_Bee Smiley_Bee 28.06.2011 à 20:14
i guess it was a cool game lol!!
hilary46 hilary46 18.06.2011 à 19:42
dis game is aight

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