Make Up Alicia Keys

Can you be Alicia Keys’ make-up artist for the day?

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Can you be Alicia Keys’ make-up artist for the day?

Alicia Keys is an amazing singer! She has had so many big big hits since she started - do you know her latest song "No one"?

She always has different styles though - sometimes she has dark brown hair, sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s even red! And she has so many different outfits too! Well, in this game you have been asked to be Alicia’s personal designer, and to give her a great new look. There are two pages in this game, and you can flip between them using the forward/backward arrow at the bottom.

On the first page you can change her hair colour, her eye shadow, her mascara and her lipstick. Then click to go to the second page and you can decide on her eye colour, her jewelery and her dress too! But don’t forget that you can go back to change things - so if you decide you like a dress, but her hair colour doesn’t match it that okay! You can just click the backwards arrow and change the colour of her hair!! Easy!

Have fun, be creative, and maybe when you’re finished you can give makeovers to some other big Hollywood superstars!

Make Up Alicia Keys

3.8/5 - 189 votes
  • Savannah1020
  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Skatergirl12
  • Cupcake109
  • Oluranti1
  • Ebony1996
  • Jasmine13579
  • Anna7989
  • SarahKD

Make Up Alicia Keys comments from girls:

liyah121212 liyah121212 22.06.2012 à 20:51
who is aliya P.S. my name is liyah121212 and this game is awsome. I am bad at make up Alicia Keys
laura2004 laura2004 01.07.2011 à 8:57
you see MASCARA
laura2004 laura2004 31.05.2011 à 7:37
ha ha ha alyia you is fun
alyia alyia 05.09.2008 à 22:13
This does not look like alicia keys a all!!! Sorry, who ever made iT!!

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