Justin Bieber Decorating Game

Crazy about Justin Bieber? Decorate a bedroom for a massive fan just like you!

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Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Justin Bieber is the prince of pop. This teen singer has millions of adoring fans all over the world, and each of his catchy pop singles has been a massive hit. Maybe you’re crazily in love with this Canadian star or maybe you can’t stand the sight of him – either way, everyone has an opinion on the gorgeous Justin Bieber! If you’re one of Justin’s biggest fans, we have a special treat for you in our girls’ games today: a free decorating game where you can decorate a girl’s bedroom with posters and photos of your favorite pop star! Read more

If you love Justin Bieber you probably have dozens (or maybe even hundreds!) of photos and posters of him covering the walls of your room, so this decorating game will be a piece of cake. Start by choosing a bed, table, chairs, lamps and all the other items you need to make this room look like a proper cosy bedroom in this Justin Bieber game. Then you’re free to add the most important items: tons and tons of posters and photos of Justin Bieber! Create a bedroom that any Justin Bieber fan would be proud of in this decorating game, and make sure you check out the other star games on the site for loads more fun with your favorite celebrities!


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nubsjb nubsjb 18 August 2013 at 21:12
girl you got it wrong its micheal jackson notmickle jackson justin bieber likes micheal jackson , he's inspired by him so girlget it stright +
Aliaya Aliaya 11 April 2013 at 01:14
BTW Justin Bieber is not the "KING OK POP"Mickle Jackson is and just because he died dose not mean JB can come along and take that!(everyone knows Mickle jackson is the king of pop)
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