Cleo de Nile’s New Look Game

This girl may be gorgeous, but she needs a little help getting there...

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How to play the game "Cleo de Nile’s New Look Game"?

If you think you look a bit rough when you wake up, try being locked in a coffin for thousands of years! We assure you that the air at the very bottom of an ancient pyramid is not great for the complexion. If we know anything about Cleo de Nile though, we are sure that she will not be attending Monster High unless she looks divine. She is the daughter of a Pharaoh after all! Read more

Click the products in Cleo’s bathroom and then move them over her face to use them. Eek, those eyebrows have been growing for years! They’re a little uncontrollable, can you tame them? Make sure you choose a chic outfit for Cleo too to perfect the whole look. Now, walk like an Egyptian all the way to Monster High!