The Bratz Love Test

Calculate how much you and your boyfriend love eachother.

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  • The New Fashion for BRATZ

    The New Fashion for BRATZ

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  • Bratz Doll Dress Up

    Bratz Doll Dress Up

    If you’re a fan of our girls’ games and watch lots of cartoons, you must know about the Bratz Dolls. (...)

Calculate how much you and your boyfriend love eachother.

This great love thermometer from the bratz is at your disposal in this lovely love game for girls. Just enter your name and the first name of the boy you love or fancy, and then click on start. If the thermometer stops in front of the first sentence, then you are not meant to be for eachother even if you were the last two people left on the planet. If it stops a little higher then the Bratz wouldn’t bet on your relationship lasting too long... but if the thermometer goes even higher up then theres more and more chance for you.

The Bratz Love Test

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The Bratz Love Test comments from girls:

vaul123 vaul123 08.10.2013 à 1:23
YES! ME AND TAYLOR LAUTNER ARE IN LOVE! Love this game Thx so much Hidolls!
looloopoopoo looloopoopoo 28.05.2013 à 19:49
it says meand justin bieber are in love but i am a boy and i dont even like him his voice s to high for me
Danielle13 Danielle13 01.04.2013 à 5:45
its a cool game but it said the guy i liked isnt for me and the guy that i'm always fighting with is for me then i realized i like him HELP
milicent milicent 11.03.2013 à 9:25
the best game ever it isthe boy which i like truely loves me i think we can trust on it
Mooka Mooka 25.11.2012 à 20:29
I tried this game and the boy I like is meant to be ( true love is in the air)
nevaeh9167 nevaeh9167 12.08.2012 à 12:26
justin bieber does love me i tried it i absolutely love this game its brilliant
GabbyMaze GabbyMaze 26.06.2012 à 0:23
thanks 2 the quiz i know my crush and i are ment to be together i am happy this quiz was invented
Lea250 Lea250 28.04.2012 à 17:41
ok dis game is awesome now im tottaly sure the boy i like is th right one
lovable9098 lovable9098 22.12.2011 à 21:28
best game eva lol i would wanna play this game 4 ever.It told me if me and my boyfriend would work or not luv ya!!!!
gg987 gg987 11.12.2011 à 20:36
this is like the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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