Barbie’s Bachelorette Party Game

Barbie’s Bachelorette is proving to be quite the adventure!

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How would you celebrate if one of your best friends was getting married? Barbie’s friends know exactly what they want to do...dress up as hipsters! It’s going to be hilarious; thick rimmed glasses, polka dot and star prints, band tees and brightly colored sneakers! But girls, this is not a simple dress up game. First you must pass the test that Barbie’s friends have set! Are you ready? Read more

Before starting the first test, the convertible will drive Barbie to the store. Her friends will be with her in the car, but won’t be giving you any clues. We know the secret must collect all the diamonds that are on the road! Use the arrow keys to drive the car, can you find them all? Then, the second test. There are hidden objects everywhere! We hope you are a good driver, because there are clothes all over the road that you must pick up! Now, if you collect all the clothes, Barbie and her friends can spend the afternoon in their silly costumes!