Liam Payne One Direction Dress Up Game

Liam is in a serious style rut, can you help this One Direction cutie?

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Liam Payne One Direction Dress Up Game"?

One Direction fans and girls around the world! It’s Lea here! You are not going to believe who Lee, Lilou and I just met. Liam from One Direction! We were enjoying a quiet little holiday in England and were in the middle of a driving tour. We decided to take a detour and when we turned the corner, we saw one of the oldest and most beautiful universities in the country. Guess who was stood on the steps? Liam of course! We could not believe our eyes! Come and join us in this One Direction game and we’ll tell you more... Read more

We of course, screamed and ran over to meet the lovely Liam. He hugged us all, and then asked us if we could help him. You see, like many rich and famous pop stars and celebrities, Liam always has a team of stylists following him and preparing outfits for him, but today Liam was all on his own! So, asked if we would dress him up! Look through all the cool items in Liam 1D’s wardrobe. Maybe he’ll even give us a VIP pass to his next concert if we do well in this game!