Turbo Movie game

Turbo the famous snail needs a personal trainer!

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How to play the game "Turbo Movie game "?

Have you heard of the new Dreamworks movie, Turbo? It’s all about a teeny tiny cute little snail who dreams of becoming a real F1 driver. A snail, working as a race car driver!? It may sound crazy, but little Turbo is so determined and really wants to achieve his dream. Turbo the snail trains every day and is already starting to get faster. In fact, he is so fast, we can’t believe he is supposed to be one of the slowest animals in the world! Read more

In this celebrity game for girls, Turbo is training for a race which takes place next week. Your job is to become his personal trainer and get him ready! We don’t want him to be racing at snail’s pace after all. Use the right arrow key to make Turbo move in this fun animal game. Make sure you avoid any obstacles, and pick up cans of energy drink on the way to give little Turbo a surge of power in this celebrity racing game. We’re sure Turbo’s going to win the race! Ready, steady, Turbo!