Clean up Dora’s House Game

Help Dora clean up the mess from her birthday party!

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How to play the game "Clean up Dora’s House Game"?

Dora the Explorer loves to, well, explore! Today is her birthday though and all she wants to do is party and celebrate. She has made a great feast and invited all of her friends to her home! They have played in her room, eaten in the kitchen and danced in the living room. Of course they are now worn out, but wait girls, there is some tidying to do! Uh oh, Dora’s friends have ran away from their cleaning duties! In this free game for girls, Dora’s going to need some help with cleaning up the house... Read more

You’ll need to vacuum, clean the table, put paper in the trash, put toys in their chest and put clothes away in the closet in this celebrity girls’ game. Phew! Don’t forget to water the plant and put food in its rightful place. Wow, this must have been some party! Do you make a mess like this after a party? You should always tidy up, so take some tips from Dora in this free girls’ game!