House Games

House games short description: These house games make cleaning, tidying, decorating and other chores loads of fun! Don’t believe us? Roll up your sleeves and give it a go with these girls’ games!


What does your house look like? There are lots of different types of houses all over the world, from tiny apartments in big cities to huge mansions way out in the country. Your house might be big or small, new or old, but the main thing is that it feels like home for you and your family. It’s really important to decorate your house in the colors and styles that you like so that you all feel happy and comfortable there, and with these girls’ games you’ll have the chance to decorate bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even entire houses exactly the way you want. You might even come up with some decorating ideas for your own house! Read more

Being a home owner is about more than just buying or decorating a house, though: you’ll need to clean and tidy up regularly to keep it looking really nice. In these house games you’ll find lots of tasks just like the ones you might have to do after school or at the weekend, only much more fun! Whether you often do chores at home or whether your mom or dad usually does them for you, these girls’ games will give you a taste of what it’s like to be in charge of a house. Have fun, and don’t forget to drop by the forums to leave us a comment or just a quick hello - you’re always welcome!