Building Animal Houses Game

Build little houses for these cute goat family so they can live happily together!

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How to play the game "Building Animal Houses Game"?

You never know what sort of surprises you might come across in girls’ games! Today you’ll be building house for a family of cute little goats – that’s not something you hear every day, right?! Animals like their own space too, and the members of this goat family each need a pretty little house so they can all be comfortable and happy together. Grab your hardhat, because you’ll be helping them build their very own homes in this girls’ game! Read more

Each of the goats in this animal game will tell you exactly how they want their special space to be. You’ll have all the materials and equipment you need to build a house, and you’ll need to arrange them in the right order; click on the pieces to rotate them so they fit together perfectly.



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