Dinosaur Games

If you’re a Game-osaurus, you’ll be wild about these dinosaur games!


Dinosaurs lived a long, long time ago on Earth until they were wiped out by an enormous comet that hit the planet. They were all wiped out... Or were they?! In these dinosaur games you’ll find the Pterodactyl, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and even the Diplodocus brought back to life and ready to play dinosaur games! You can play with baby dinosaurs, go on prehistoric adventures and even dress up dinosaurs in this selection of games for girls! Read more

A lot of people think dinosaurs were very scary when they were alive, but a lot of them were vegetarian and so were probably quite friendly! How would you like it if everyone ran away from you just because you were eighteen-feet tall and had razor sharp teeth? Well, all we know is that the reptiles in these dinosaur games just want to play!