Katy Perry

Dress up the ultimate California Girl before her next big show!

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Dress up the ultimate California Girl before her next big show!

Hey girls, it’s Lee here with another celebrity dress up game for you all! Lilou, Lea and I know you love playing with singers and actresses in our girls’ games, so we’ve got a star fashion session planned for you: today you’ll be working as a celebrity stylist in this awesome Katy Perry dress up game! The blue-eyed American singer is about to film a new video for ‘California Girls’, and she needs a cute outfit and a makeover before she steps in front of the cameras.

Cupcake dress, firework outfit, candy accessories, designer high heels… you’ll find all of Katy Perry’s iconic costumes from her tours and music videos in this star dress up game. Dress up Katy Perry in the girly style she wore in the ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’ or ‘I Kissed a Girl’ videos, and finish off her awesome new look with a bubblegum blue or cotton candy pink hairstyle. Here’s a celebrity secret before you play this free celebrity fashion game: did you know Katy Perry’s real name is Katy Hudson? Hang out with your favorite star any time you like in our Katy Perry games and get to know her a little better!

Katy Perry

4.4/5 - 330 votes
  • Boone5137
  • Julianne452
  • Auntieart
  • Sparkles199
  • Mero10
  • Tealcutiepie
  • Shelby1
  • Sgkvhk123
  • Mulligein
  • Jessicaluvud

Katy Perry comments from girls:

kittypurrygurl kittypurrygurl 25.03.2013 à 0:22
I katy perry she is my idolpeace and love peeps!!!!this is a awesome game so PLAY IT!!!!
MaryBerry MaryBerry 09.02.2013 à 14:48
i luv katy perry and this game!!! it would b my teenage dream 2 meat her hello i am katy mary
lovegirl458 lovegirl458 03.11.2012 à 21:16
I love katty perry and i saw her movie but the katty in this game doesn't look like her
MaryBerry MaryBerry 31.07.2012 à 16:51
im gonna see katy perry part of me 2day with my best friend lauren im gonna tell her about hidolls
girl124 girl124 08.07.2012 à 13:09
i love to play katy perry bcoz i want dress up peoples more beautifully
mama627 mama627 08.07.2012 à 0:07
i love katy perry and i love the tops the bottoms i didn't like the shoes because they are so ugly and i am a big fan of katy perry
mama627 mama627 08.07.2012 à 0:03
they have some cool outfits and i like the bottoms
Megan1452 Megan1452 30.06.2012 à 15:44
I love her outfits they are so cool. i love her pants and tops i would love to wear her outfits if I could cause they are so cool.
gaga123 gaga123 26.06.2012 à 8:11
I love katty perry and this is a very nice game!I like dress up and make up so i love this game!
Beyonce22 Beyonce22 23.06.2012 à 23:12
I think it was a very good game and i love katy perry by dha way and im goin to see her new movie coming out
kelly050 kelly050 19.06.2012 à 0:16
i love katy perry and this game is SWEET and some of the costumes i have seen her where on t.v and comercials
valley1616 valley1616 16.06.2012 à 23:02
i LOVE KATY PERRY! i think she is just a great person and i love candy!
abbiegabby abbiegabby 10.06.2012 à 10:06
this game is amazing i it the clothes are like OMG 1 more thing need more hairstyles though
abbiegabby abbiegabby 10.06.2012 à 10:03
this game is amazing i the clothes but we need more hairstyles!!!!
barbieglamgirl009 barbieglamgirl009 10.06.2012 à 8:26
i love this game because the dresses are glam and cute.this game is awsome and cool
bella8902 bella8902 05.06.2012 à 19:41
i dont want more cloths i want more hair styles much better, there is allot of cloths pretty cloths
Cutiepieaaliya Cutiepieaaliya 05.06.2012 à 14:59
i like this game beacause i like to dress up people.But if you can just add some more nice clothes that would be more better.

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