Katrina Kaif

Get Katrina ready for her red carpet.

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Get Katrina ready for her red carpet.

For dress up games, here we have Katrina Kaif, a beautiful british indian actress and model who has appeared in many bollywood films since 2003. We now have Katrina Kaif games for you like this Katrina Kaif dress up game. You’ll need to help Katrina Kaif to get ready for her appearance on the red carpet for her latest film.

There are some truly beautiful dresses and accessories - items that you would always expect to see only on the red carpet and on major stars. Have fun playing this, and other star games here on mygames4girls.com.

Katrina Kaif

4.4/5 - 2114 votes
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Katrina Kaif comments from girls:

princessqtr princessqtr 20.01.2012 à 10:59
i love this game.katrina kaif is my best actress.but she is not the real katrina kaif
princessqtr princessqtr 20.01.2012 à 10:58
i love this game.katrina kaif is my best actress.but she is not the real katrina kaif
amna804 amna804 30.12.2011 à 12:48
i think she is the best actress ever and she is so preety and i am big fan of her and the games is quite cool
amna804 amna804 29.12.2011 à 20:38
i think the game is quite cool and katrina kaif is my fav actress

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