Hayden Panettiere from Heroes

Give the actress who plays Claire Bennet in Heroes a brand new look!

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Give the actress who plays Claire Bennet in Heroes a brand new look!

Have you ever seen the TV show Heroes? It tells the story of a group of normal boys and girls who suddenly realize that they have amazing super powers. Claire Bennet is the head cheerleader at her school, Union Wells High, and her power is an inability to get hurt. Claire is played by the beautiful Hayden Panettiere, and in this celebrity makeover game you need to help her get ready for a glamorous awards ceremony tonight!

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes

4.4/5 - 35 votes
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  • Shortie2425

Hayden Panettiere from Heroes comments from girls:

dollface1 dollface1 10.06.2012 à 20:18
I really like this game it is my fav game now .I am new here and I really want friends.Does any one want to be my bff.PLEASE

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