Cake Shop Waitress Game

Develop a great cake shop and be the best manager in this waitress game!

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How to play the game "Cake Shop Waitress Game"?

Welcome to the cake shop! For this waitress game you will have to pay attention to customers’ orders. They are all very different cakes. And you’ll need to get clicking to make sure you choose the right colors and pastries that your customers order! If you’re wrong in this cake game, simply use the garbage bin. At each end of the day, the money you have earned is counted! Read more

These are the sales of cakes, but also the tips you receive from being fast with your orders. The more you advance through the levels, the more you will have equipment to serve customers with. You’ll also be able to serve coffee, drinks or even candy floss. But this will mean that your level of service must be excellent. In developing your business in your cake shop, you will win even more money!



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