Hotel Games

Get a taste of the high life with these hotel games! Work as a receptionist, manager, maid, doorman... You’ll deserve a real vacation after all your hard work in these girls’ games!


There’s nothing quite like checking into a fancy hotel when you need a break from the real world! Dining in fine restaurants, lazing by the pool, ordering room service while you watch TV… That’s the good life, huh?! Some rich or famous people even choose to live in hotels instead of buying their own house or apartment, and it’s easy to see why: you never have to tidy your bedroom, wash the dishes or do any other chores in a hotel, because there’s always someone to do it for you. Sounds like a good deal! If you don’t have a vacation coming up any time soon, don’t worry – you can treat yourself to a little holiday with these free hotel games! Read more

Don’t get too comfortable, though, because in most of these hotel games you’ll be the one doing the work! You could be working as a maid, tidying the hotel rooms or reception after all those messy guests, or maybe serving meals to customers, just like in restaurant games. You can also try your hand at running a business in hotel management games, where you’ll need to carefully budget your money to build and furnish a five-star hotel or a hostel, employ different members of staff to get it up and running, then juggle lots of different tasks at once to keep all your clients happy… phew, you might need a real vacation after all that hard work! For something a little more relaxing, why not polish your interior design skills and play at decorating hotel rooms or salons? Use your imagination and try to create glamorous and luxurious rooms for celebrities to relax in, just like the elite suites of famous hotels such as the Ritz or the Waldorf-Astoria. Whether you’re on vacation, at home or even at school, you can get a taste of the high life with these hotel games. Check them out today – no reservation required!