Cafe Games

Come and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or recharge your batteries before you get to work as a waitress, designer or even a business woman in these cafe games!


Whether they’re flicking through a newspaper with a latte in central London, sipping an espresso in a busy Italian town square, or chatting with friends over a herbal tea in a tiny Chinese village, you’ll find people all over the world who love to meet, talk and drink in cafes. If you live in a big town or a city you can be sure that there are dozens – maybe even hundreds! – of cafes near your home. But if not, don’t worry: thanks to our girls games, you can enjoy a great cafe experience right here! We’ve put together a selection of free cafe games for you girls, so you can see what it’s like to work as a waitress or a barista. If you’ve ever played restaurant games, you’ll know that waitressing can be hard work at times. In these cafe games you’ll have to race against the clock to serve your customers their coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate as fast as possible – make sure you give them the right drinks so they leave you good tips! Read more

Did you know the word ‘cafe’ is French for ‘coffee’? Well, you can be sure you’ll pour tons of cups of Joe in these girls’ games! But cafes don’t only serve coffee, of course. You can also treat yourself to tea, juice, cakes and sandwiches, or sometimes even burgers, fries and other snacks. The food and drinks aren’t the only important things, though: cafes need to look good, with lots of comfortable seating, soft lighting and a nice atmosphere. You can try to create the perfect coffee shop or tea house in our cafe decorating games, or maybe even build one or run one in cafe management games. Whether you’re a budding interior designer, a star businesswoman or have a knack for customer service, we know you’ll find a cafe game that you really love in this category. Have fun with these work games, girls – why not treat yourself to a nice refreshing drink when you’re done?