Store Games

Clothes stores, furniture stores, grocery stores… it’s time to go shopping!


No food in the fridge? Need some new clothes? Want to buy a toy, a book or some candy? There’s only one thing for it: head to the store and get shopping! If you’re the sort of girl who loves to shop, we bet you love browsing the stores in your town, looking at all the great things you could buy. In these girls’ games, you’ll get to run a store of your very own! Read more

If you know someone who works as sales assistant or if you’ve played management games, you’ll know that working in a store can be difficult at time. Nothing a girls’ games expert like you can’t handle, though: just serve your customers as quickly as you can, and you’re sure to earn lots of money. Toy stores, clothes stores, furniture stores… there are loads of different businesses in need of your management expertise in these store games! Good luck!