Management Games

You’re the one in charge in these management games!


If you fancy yourself as a budding businesswoman or are just a natural born leader who loves organizing everything and everyone around you, we have the perfect games for you right here. These management games let you be the boss, so you won’t have to take orders from anyone else! Every cafe, restaurant, shop, hotel and business has a director or a manager who is in charge of the finances, the staff… pretty much everything! In these girls’ games, you’ll be put in charge of running your very own company. Just like there all sorts of businesses in the real world, you’ll find lots of different places in need of a manager in these girls’ games. You could be managing a cafe or a restaurant, or maybe organizing events and parties for a youth center. You might even need to build a hotel or a theme park from scratch. There are enough challenges here to keep you busy for days! Read more

But as the famous quote goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Being the boss has its ups and downs: it can be fun to make decisions, but it can also be very stressful if things start to go wrong! You’ll need to keep your cool in these management games if you want your business to be a success. Try to plan ahead and budget your finances very carefully, but don’t cut corners either – after all, you have to spend money to make money. Remember to treat to keep your staff well to keep them happy and working well, and never forget that the customer knows best! There’s a lot to be learnt from these work games, and if you practise lots you’re sure to succeed. Let’s put your entrepreneurial skills to the test in these girls’ games and see how you fare in the world of business. You might even end up rich and famous one day!